These are the audience seats at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. While never actually being there when they’re used, they look very desolate when empty. They are also fenced off, so I wasn’t able to get any other angles. The repetition of the chairs is almost mesmerizing.



I couldn’t help but take this picture when I was in a local Potbelly’s.  Munching on a sandwich I happened to look up and notice this ironic piece of work.  I’m not a real fan of the framing job I did, and the angle wasn’t the best to correct it, but it was just too funny not to post here.

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I just can’t get enough of the colors in this shot.  The beautiful aquamarine blue against the dark red rust.  Awesome.  The dimpled texture of the anchor also draws me in.

This was taken earlier in the spring time while they were replacing all the boat anchors in one of the harbors in Lake Michigan.  The original shot had the observatory in the background, however, it was too distracting and took away from the colors.  With the number of anchors, and their relative height to each other, the picture really lended itself nicely to the 16×9 crop.



This is an image of Erin over the fourth of July using a grey card for white balance. This was our first color portrait shoot for photo II, that is, after we found out that our camera is horrible with white balance.

I really like the reflections in her glasses and the pose. Looking at it again, I may have cropped a little bit off the top, but since this is straight out of the camera, I’m happy.

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Piano Keys

One of the best assignments I think I ever did was the depth of field assignment in Photo I.  I’m still amazed that I was able to get this shot.  The lighting was absolutely horrid, and as you can see for the stats below, my shutter speed was borderline on generating camera shake.  This is actually the organ down in Erin’s parent’s basement.

I really like the way the lines work with this image.  Some people, I image, aren’t going to like that only a small section of the photo is actually in the focal plane, and therefore in focus, but I think it adds to the image.  My goal later is to explore more macro type photos, but for now, this will have to do.


Evening Dew

This was taken one evening in Leland, MI.  This is actually the rear of a pontoon boat (you can see the cup holder in the foreground).  I was taken by how different the seats looked in the low light compared to how light they are actually colored.

The original shot didn’t really have the snap that I was looking for, so this one has been slightly post-processed.  Not a whole lot, mostly just playing with the Hue of the water.  I really like the reflections in the dew drops, however I wish I would’ve had a greater depth of field, as to get all of the dew drops on top of the boat in focus.

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This was originally an image that I took for my Digital II photography course.  The assignment was to photograph shadows.  Originally, in class, everything was black and white, but I really like the way the brightness of the orange and red offset the background.

Many in the class thought that this was taken at night, but actually it was during the a very bright day.  All of the objects in the background, and even most of the subject were hidden in the shadow cast by a large building.  Not really all the much else to say, except, yeah first real image!