Metallic Sign

Man have I been lazy lately.  I haven’t been outside to take a picture in quite a while.  That’s even with the fifty degree weather we’ve been having.  It’s probably because I don’t have anyone to walk around with.  I do miss my photography partner.

On another note, I have been trying to do the photo friday image everyweek.  Mostly I’m using old ones, but I think this weeks is one of my best.  If you click on the Best of 2006 link and then search for “aaron spruit”, you’ll find it.


Orange Texture

This is an interestingly painted piece of diamond plate steel.  I guess it’s this color because it appeared to be used as a landing dock.  Easier to see?


Bike Rack

Not a whole lot to say here.  Just needed to get something up.

However, I did order a lot of new camera stuff!  I’ve got a tripod, monopod, head, bag, and filter system coming.  I pretty much cleaned out that want’s list real quick like.  Everything should be here on the second.  I can’t wait!


Tree Top

This is another wooden top, only with another design.  I actually like this one a little bit more than yesterdays because of the better handle on the depth of field.  Yesterday’s didn’t have a lot of the top in focus, and it wasn’t aligned with the center of the top.  With this one, I had the camera at a slightly different angle, which seems to have helped.


Snowflake Top

It was amazing how balanced this top was.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t very happy with the way any of the images turned out while it was spinning.  There wasn’t enough light to freeze it, plus with the black counter tops, there wouldn’t have been any way to tell if it was levitating.  Heck, even with this image, you can’t really tell if it’s spinning or not.


Bejeweled Xmas Tree

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas.  This is definitely going to be the last of the Christmas subjects, I think.  I’ve got quite a few more from dinner at my Aunt’s and Christmas day, but I figure I’ll save those till next year.  It was hard enough this year, since I was lazy and didn’t get out and take very many right before the holidays.  Well, lazy or busy, I’m not quite sure which.

Anyways, this is decorative tree that was at my Aunt’s.  It was lit from a small, warm, tungsten lamp, but I added a little bit more warmth in the post process to make it look like it actually was.  Wouldn’t it be nice if camera’s could just capture exactly the way things look when you wanted it to without having to post process or use filters?  Somedays I wish, but I think it’d take all the fun right out of it.


Xmas Pic 2006 2

Merry Christmas everyone!

This was the more Christmas-y picture.  Definitely just as fun though.  Again, I wish I could post a flip-book type of image because some of the earlier shots (Dad!) are hilarious.


Xmas Pic 2006 1

Unlike most years, we actually had two pictures that we just had to send people this year.  Well, actually, I don’t send any, it’s just my parents.  Maybe next year, I’ll incorporate something into the site that pulls a special message depending on the URL I send you.  Maybe.

Anyways, I really wish I had scaffolding or something to get up higher on because we actually have another car that isn’t listed.  I also wish I could post a short little movie of everyone getting prepared for this picture.  It’s always fun to take a few pictures before everyone is set.

still life

Gift Stash

Here’s a collection of the gifts I have to bring up to MI with me tomorrow.  Granted, it’s not all of them, since I believe something else arrived at my parents place already.

Not the best picture, but, meh, the lighting conditions suck in my room.

still life

Metallic Wreath

Walking through the West Loop, there’s a row of townhouses that each had wreath out front on the door. Some of them were nice and natural looking, and some of them were awful. You can decide which category this one falls into.

And happy birthday Erin!  Welcome to finally being old like me.