Pile of Bricks



Extra Lean!


Loading Dock



This one turned out a lot more abstract than I thought it would for a simple floodlight.

I wasn’t really happy with the first crop of the Bluebells on Monday.  So, I decided to give it another shot.  I think I like this one a lot more, as it shows a lot more detail of the actual flower, than just the mass of them.


Crab Apple Blossom

Another older image, that I’ve cleaned up a bit.  I like the white space in this one.  I really want to setup my own box light at the new place and just play with flowers.  I know that would probably make this more boring, but I still may do it.  Get some orchids or other flowers each week and photograph them along with having them in the condo. Oh, and the lilac has started blooming here in Chicago.  Oh man does it smell good.



I know I haven’t posted in a week, but I have a good excuse!  I’ve been crazy busy, trying to get everything moved and worked out, plus work has been difficult.  I’m actually going to start travelling a lot more soon more than likely, so I’ve had to work on rolling off what I’m currently doing.  Oh, and I may go to Manila for ~6 months.  Yes, that Manilla.  I’m still trying to work out the details and try and make that happen as it’s not a for sure deal yet.

Ok, back to picture related.  These next few images were taken quite a few weeks ago, as I haven’t had time or desire to go take any pictures.  This is actually the boulevard of Michigan Ave in the South Loop.



This was also taken from the patio.  We have a string of various lights that go from one end to the other.  Anything from bare bulbs, to these lights, to colored string lighting.  It’s quite a collection.

This was taken on the patio at the place I’m renting at.  The Bhudda actually sits on top of the charcoal filter for the fish pond.  Yes, we have a fish pond on our patio, which resides over my garage.  🙂


Spring Purple