In our back patio/garden area, we have a rose bush that is also inhabited by some bougainvillea.  It’s actually pretty cool because the rose bush just finished blooming, and now we have the red of the bougainvillea popping through various areas.  I just wish the rose bush wasn’t so thorny.  Talk about a pain to maintain.


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Prawns and Peppers

With the launch of the new family food blog, I’m hoping there will be additional food shots moving forward.  I really like the colors and clarity of this photograph.  Plus it’s been awhile since I’ve actually used my DSLR (and I love me some food!).

Speaking of DSLR, man, the D800 is sounding like a sexy beast.  However, I think I need to replace my normal kit zoom lens as it has a lot of dust inside.  It’s quite frustrating.  Plus, having something at f2.8 would be nice, but I’d also love to get my hands on some wide-angle stuff.

Not a whole lot else going on right now.  Our stuff has arrived into port in Melbourne today, but we won’t see it for awhile.  We’re hoping to see it before Christmas.  As of right now, that would be the best Christmas ever: opening all the presents of stuff we’ve already bought!  Yay!