Melbourne Weather

These last four days have been quite nice.  Nothing like a four day weekend to really unwind for a bit.  For those that don’t know, Australians get Good Friday and Easter Monday off.  Crazy, I know.

Friday was a gorgeous day; sunny and 30C.  We took out the paddle boards and hit the bay first thing.  The wind was calm, and we had a great time.  It had been too long since we had been out.  Originally, we were going to hit up Torquay to surf, but the two hour drive after flying back from Sydney the previous night didn’t sound that fun.  In prep for the relay, Kobe and I put in a good run.

Saturday we had a Mexican fiesta party at our place.  Nothing says Easter like Mexican, right?  Of course, we all drank and ate way too much, but the weather was still nice out, but slightly more chilly.  We had the doors open all day and night.

Due to the partying on Saturday night, Sunday was pretty much a wash of a day.

And then today, Yow-Yow and I got out for another run, but wow was it tough.  The wind is blowing at 42km/h with gusts up to 54…directly in our faces on the way out.  Oh, did I mention it was drizzling too, and only 12C?!  What happened to our awesome Friday weather?  To top it all off, it “snowed” (aka hailed).  When they say you can get all the seasons in one day, they sure do mean it!

Feel free to admire the hail on our doormat out back.