Bejeweled Xmas Tree

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas.  This is definitely going to be the last of the Christmas subjects, I think.  I’ve got quite a few more from dinner at my Aunt’s and Christmas day, but I figure I’ll save those till next year.  It was hard enough this year, since I was lazy and didn’t get out and take very many right before the holidays.  Well, lazy or busy, I’m not quite sure which.

Anyways, this is decorative tree that was at my Aunt’s.  It was lit from a small, warm, tungsten lamp, but I added a little bit more warmth in the post process to make it look like it actually was.  Wouldn’t it be nice if camera’s could just capture exactly the way things look when you wanted it to without having to post process or use filters?  Somedays I wish, but I think it’d take all the fun right out of it.

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