I wanted a lot more out of this one, but oh well.  I’m not sure if it’s the crop or what, but it’s kind of meh to me.



Man, so it’s obvious when I go out isn’t it, because that’s when the next day doesn’t have an image.  Maybe I should start doing future entries again?



Another weekend of 80 degree weather followed by a week of cooler weather.  At least it’s not supposed to snow this time.


Rusted Sun

Totally not a sun, but I still like it anyways.  In other news, as of a week from today I should have the keys to my own, purchased, place!  I’m crazy excited, and definitely looking forward to buying new stuff for it!



Oops, missed yesterday.  However, today was gorgeous out.  Actually brought out the bike for the first time this year, and sadly got a little too much sun. 🙂

I think this will be the last image in this series.  There’s one more, but I just don’t think I’m happy with it.  We’ll see though.

Like I said yesterday, I saw the profile of this book on the ledge outside, and I just couldn’t resist.

Was out a little late last night with some partners, so that’s why the image is a little late today 🙂

Anyways, there will be a few of these as it was just too cool to pass up.  They are pics of a bible that has been out in the elements for awhile.


Petri Dish

Petri dish?  No, it’s actually snow/sleet on my window.  While I was sick I decided to play a little bit with the camera, and since I happened to stay home on one of the worst weather days we’ve had in awhile, I was able to snap this.  It does sort of look like something under a microscope though, no?



The sun actually came out yesterday, and it was above 50 degrees out, so I decided to snap a few new ones.  Definitely have a more urban feel again, since the cold snap killed off all the pretty flowers.