So Big!

Yeah, so I may have missed a day.  I don’t really feel bad about it though, because it was a holiday here.  It was nice to be able to celebrate a holiday with family too.  Being away for so long makes you really miss being home.

In other news, I’ve received more news about a potential in Australia.  Granted, that hasn’t stopped me from looking around.


Swing Bridge

While this post goes live, I am someplace over the pacific on my way back home.  It’s been a long 40 days away, but it will be great to get back.  I’ve got a few meetings I’m excited about when I get back, and also some parties that will be fun.  Nothing like a pseudo four day weekend to kick it off too!

This was one of the more permanent swing bridges long the trails were were on.  Since we only stayed on the nicer trails, we didn’t really have to forge any rivers or anything too difficult (thankfully).  It’s amazing how much work they put into some of the trails.  Just getting all that stuff back into the remote areas makes me quiver.


Dune Grass

Really digging back into the archives here.  This is from almost exactly one year ago.  Yow-Yow and I had gone up to Pictured Rocks National Park, up on Lake Superior.  When it wasn’t raining (just when we first arrived), it was absolutely gorgeous.

I’ve always wanted a good dune grass picture.  Is this it?  Maybe, but it will definitely do for the time being.


Lake Wakatipu

Is this picture from an exotic island?  Well, no, not really.  It’s from our honeymoon down in New Zealand. The colors of this lake were just amazing out by Queenstown.

I miss being there, it was so gorgeous.  Hopefully I’ll hear back about Australia soon, which will get me that much closer.


Cliff Pondering

Obviously I didn’t take this photo.  It is actually from Yow-Yow, but I enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d post it up here.  This is in Castle Rock in NZ.  Yet another place on the Honeymoon.

Almost missed today’s post too, as I’m having to run to the Embassy here in Singapore.


The Path Ahead

Look at this, the 6th photo on the days that I said.  It’s almost like I had them all lined up or something.

This was on the Kepler Track hike from our honeymoon.  Amazingly this is on the same day as the other picture.  Amazing how a few hours can really burn off the cloud cover.  It was so very cool to be up that high and walking right along the crest of the mountains.  I’d hate to be up there in the winter though.  While the markers were pretty tall, I can only imagine how the wind could gust.

Anyways, I’m still in Singapore.  We were moved into corporate apartments (boo!), and so I may post some pictures later.  Just received some good news though, in that I’ll probably be talking to recruiting in Melbourne sometime this week or next about a transfer.  Once we can figure out a position and nail down the details, there may be move in the cards soon!

Also, I’m thinking about buying a new lens.  I’m really sick of my 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G.  It is definitely a cheap lens that is driving me nuts.  However, due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, prices for the 24-70mm f/2.8 are at their all time high.  I’ve also been wanting to upgrade my body, but I need to wait for the D700 v.Next.  Maybe it’s just because I have a tech budget that is burning a hole in my pocket…


Waimae Canyon

This is again from our wedding.  We finally made it to the Waimae Canyon, which is known as the Grand Canyon of HI.  This is from one of the spots along the Canyon Drive (550), but I don’t remember which.

I would highly recommend heading up there as it is incredibly beautiful, and when you’re coming back down be sure to stop in at Jo Jo’s.  As the reviews point out, the macadamia nut ice cream is the greatest thing ever.

Can you spot her?

This is a great one demonstrating how large the ferns are in the rain forest areas of the New Zealand.  While not on the same trail as the previous photo, I am pretty sure both trails have similar aspects: rain forest, sub-alpine, and alpine.

Now that I have a few images lined up, I’m going to attempt to become more regular and post main photos at least twice a week.  The goal is to have them hit Monday and Thursday, so be ready.  I should also have random blog posts thrown in too.  Be sure to check them out if you haven’t been keeping up.  It was something I added awhile ago without any great fan fare.

Look at that, a new picture! I’ve been going back over some of my images (as promised) and realized how many awesome shots I have from NZ.  I think we’re going back to the nature theme for a bit, as I had flagged a lot of really good ones, and they don’t need a lot of work either.

Here is one of the better panoramas I was able to get while descending on the Kepler trail.  I highly recommend taking a look at the full sized version (careful, it is a 2MB file), because this image is composed of 11 other images.  There is a lot of detail in there, that you simply won’t get from the image above.  For example a few points of interest in the panorama (from left to right):

  • The far left of the image, you can see the path and stairs we took to get down to where I took the pictures.
  • To the right of that, there is a saddle, and you can see the path heading up the arete.
  • You can see Lake Te Anau, and the town of Te Anau on the shore.
  • The big slide is visible, which is a large landslide that happened in 1984.
  • Lots of rugged scenery and mountain names I probably should’ve paid attention to.
  • All the way on the left is the Hanging Valley emergency shelter

I think the image encompasses around 350 degrees of view, as my left and right don’t quite meet, but are very close.

favorites, landscape

Napali Coast

I know it is difficult to tell on the site, but I have dilligently been updating various things on the site to make it “just right”.

  • Utilizing the Featured Image functionality of WordPress.  Now that SSP has released a nice Director plugin for WordPress, I can finally start utilizing the Featured Image functionality of both WordPress and the AutoFocus Pro theme.  This way I’m not hiding pictures with CSS on the page, and things should load faster as all the images are hosted in the WP directory (instead of pulling from Director on page load).  I’m about 75% done with this, as I’m having to touch pretty much every post.
  • Updating all the categories.  As I touch every post for the above, I’m also fixing the category mess this quickly degraded to.

As for the picture, with Yow-Yow and I getting married (there should be pictures up of her soon too) in Hawaii, I thought I’d wet some appetites with a picture of a hidden beach along Kalalau Trail.  We’ll be taking a boat ride along the coast for our rehearsal dinner, and I can only hope it will be as gorgeous as this picture is!