This guy was walking down the old break water at the end of the Yarra River.  I’m guessing the tide was rising, so it’s a good thing he had the pole!



Well, it has finally happened.  I have received my new Nikon D800 and have started taking and posting pictures.  My lord this is a lot of camera!

It’s amazing the amount of detail you can capture with it.  Talk about a jump going from my D70s to D800.  I’d do a table, but at the end of the day, it’s just not comparable.  I mean, I’m jumping from a 6MP camera from 2005 to a 36MP pro-DSLR from 2012 (full comparison at DPReview).  Nothing like 4+ generation jumps to really get a sense of the difference.

By far the biggest thing I’m enjoying is in the better low-light and low ISO pictures.  I know I was starting to feel the limit on some of my pictures due to the grain in them.  However, it’s like I’ve started all over again with this.

Take for example today’s picture.  Here is a 1:1 crop of Lee’s glasses.  That’s the paper my Mom is reading next to him.  Just incredible the amount of detail!  And that’s with it not completely in focus!

However, there are some challenges.  I’m still trying to figure out what the correct sizes and settings are for uploading to the website.  With the old camera, I was uploading what were essentially the jpeg originals.  However, that’s not going to cut it now.  I’ve had to rethink the galleries a bit, along with what I’m going to do with these individual posts.

Therefore, there may be some changes as I figure it out.  Things such as Sell Media aren’t really doing what I want, so that may go too.  I’ll just need to figure it out as I go, which is definitely the fun!

In other news, I’ll be doing a shoot of the Sustainable Living Festival next weekend.  Should be a good time, as it’s been awhile since doing anything like that again.



Getting some blue-steel practice out back while waiting for the ham.

Man, I can’t wait for my D800 to arrive!

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St Regis Kauai

That’s right, we’re heading back!  I earned another 6 free stays this year (should’ve been a lot more, but so it goes), and we are going to use them all prior to heading to Australia.  It will be nice and relaxing, especially after dealing with all the moving and everything else.  I can’t wait!

Things are progressing pretty well.  We are still out selling stuff, to get rid of everything we don’t want.  Movers have been booked, and we have our one-way plane tickets (first class the whole way!).

I’ve got a blog post started on the whole process.  It’s a pain, but I know it will be worth it!


Yow-Yow in a Tree

Two posts in a week.  Craziness I say!

Here she is, the future wife.  This was taken quite awhile ago when we were down in the Smokies.  I have a ton of great pictures to pull from, so now that I have the site up and running better, hopefully I can keep things going.

After getting the site all up and running, it’s amazing how much I miss sharing the great pictures I’ve taken.


Dirty Face

This is another one from the wedding I shot. As soon as I got home and looked through my pictures, I absolutely fell in love with this one.

To follow up on the things I talked about on Monday, I’m looking to add a few features to the site. The biggest one being the portfolio. However, on the blog side, I’m going to have a feature which shows the shot pre-post-processed too. I hope that will give people ideas about what they can do on their own.

Oh yeah, I’ll also be ordering a Nikon D700 sometime soon for me too. The D70s is still going strong, but I think it’s time to upgrade, and the noise reduction is just too hard to resist!


Admiring the River

It’s been awhile again.  However, at least I have news to report.  About a month ago I shot my first wedding.  I was the only photographer this time, so it was a lot more pressure.  This is actually an image from it.

In other news, I’m working on a website revamp.  I’m going to be keeping everything pretty much looking the same (same basic look).  However, I’m going to add a few more sections, and the blog section is not going to be the homepage.  Instead, I’m going to have a lot more slideshows and a portfolio.  I’ll just be trying to rebrand myself in a few different ways.  Hopefully it’ll work, who knows?


Lee and Benita

Look at me go, two in a row!  This is basically the same shot as yesterday, only with my parents in it and cropped differently.  There was too much brightness from the sky that I couldn’t deal with, so I just cut it out.  Easy!


Erin in Leland

Now that I added all my old pictures into lightroom, I’m actually able to post older images.  Sadly, this is one of them.  It’s actually from the same shoot as the original Erin image.  I had never put these on to a CD, instead I put an older compact flash card into my reader, and there they were.  Crazy.

It feels like so long ago. :-/


Eric Ocasio

It’s been awhile again.  No particular reason, just haven’t really felt like posting.  However, I finally got around to importing all my old images into Adobe Lightroom.  I’m glad I did it, but looking through a lot of the old pictures wasn’t really all that fun right now (and it’s only been a year), and I haven’t even tagged them all yet.

Anyways, doing this will allow me to view my older pictures a lot easier, so if I don’t take pictures I can at least pull from the archives; like today’s.  This was actually taken at Erin’s graduation back in January.