Heading Home 1

As this image has a number in it, it’s actually from a group of shots that I did.  The other one will be posted tomorrow.  I figured I should start posting a few images of great town that I live in, and I think this one fits the bill nicely.

The other weekend (I guess it’s been about 4 ago now) I went for a walk and last weeks and this weeks images are from that walk.  Actually, the next few weeks probably will be.  Normally when I walk around with my camera I head straight for the lake.  It’s not that far from my place and there’s usually a lot going on.  However for this stroll I decided to stay in the West Loop and actually head more South.

Driving from the suburbs every once in awhile, I can always gauge how close I am from the city based on how large the Sears Tower is.  In fact, I usually use this as a marker even when I’m driving around town.  Anyways, as I head home into the city on the Eisenhower this is the image I get.

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