Ice Block

As you can see from the date below, I’ve finally started into recent pictures.  Yeah, this is still one and a half weeks old, but a lot closer than the month old ones before.

This was actually a mistake that turned out quite well (I actually had a lot of those the day that I took this).  I had been doing some studio work and had the white balance set to tungsten, but this shot was taken outside.  As you can tell, the white balance of the shot has skewed the colors to a nice blue hue.  Unfortunately, I didn’t line this one up perfectly, and then didn’t do such a great crop job of it, since it’s a little crooked.  No matter what I would’ve done though, it would’ve come out this way because of the angle the shot was taken at.  I can definitely see myself revisiting the glass blocks with a tripod to get a better framed shot.

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