Many Glacier Night

This one is a little darker than my normal shots, but what can I say, I really like it. I actually took it without a tripod too. I just sat the camera on the balcony of the hotel room and held down the button.

The trip was good, by the way. I took just under 1000 pictures while I was there. Thanks to Joel for letting me borrow his two 2GB compact flash cards. I know I need to buy a few more, but I’ve had other things to purchase (mainly furniture and stuff for this trip).

I’m hoping to be somewhat decent about updating this site, especially with all the images I can pull from now. I know that I’m going to be busy with a lot of other things though: catching up for the last week I was out (ugh, as much as I love taking vacations, there are definite downsides), job seeking, along with the normal stuff. There’s also a few new things I want to look into doing to the images, especially surrounding skies. It’s going to be hard, since all these images don’t have a flat horizon, but it would add so much to them. Oh yeah, I’d like to actually categorize all my images at some point too. I’ve got about 3000 that are sitting in the “untagged” folder. Lovely.

Also, all the images that I took will be uploaded into the events and places section of my site.  That way people can browse through all of them before I actually post them all done up on the site.  I had to break them up, since Lightroom doesn’t seem to like making sites with more than 500 images.  Lame.

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