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Sea Star

Shocker, it’s been awhile since I last updated…again. I’ve got tons of photos to go through, there are just a few network issues with the new place, oh and time.

Within the last month we went and saw some incredibly exciting semi-final Australian Open tennis action, along with visiting both the Great Ocean Road and Tasmania. All of which you should start to see trickle on to the site.

Today’s image is from Tasmania, and specifically along the 9-mile beach. The day we arrived there had been a storm and the bay was incredibly turbulent. That lead to many strange and colorful sea creatures being washed up on shore. This is the underside of a sea star and is currently my new desktop wallpaper.

I still can’t get over how incredibly gorgeous the water and landscapes are there. Can’t wait to get back!

In other news, the D4 and the D800/800E were announced. Based on the type of photography I am into, I’m definitely looking at picking up a D800/800E (probably the E, just because). I’m not sure how I’m going to transition from a 6MP camera to a 36MP camera, but I’m sure it’ll be yet another challenge.


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