Singapore Food

Ever since Tom arrived to the project, we have been going on a culinary visit of the various food locations.  I definitely can’t complain, as everything we’ve had has been delicious.

Here are a few of the items we’ve had, with accompanying pictures (in order).

  • Fish head curry.  Technically, Tom was the only one that had this.  When the lady asked him “for how many?” he should’ve realized it was going to be a rather large lunch item for one.
  • Actually, later that day we hit up a grilled fish place in Chinatown.  Turns out this place is actually a chain (we found that out later), but man was it good.  We had a whole snapper in a mildly spicy, but fragrant broth, rice, szechuan beans, and spicy chicken cubes.  Quite delicious.
  • Over the weekend we decided to venture out to where Top Chef had the season finale not too long ago.  I had heard that this is one of the finer Hawker’s squares.  First stop was the Bedok food court.  Holy cow was this place packed!  Had some delicious fried noodles, and some sort of soup (no pictures and don’t remember the exact name).
  • We then headed to the beach.  Silly us, we decided to walk, so when we got there we were thoroughly parched.  Insert one deliciously chilled coconut.  Incredibly refreshing.
  • Our man date then consisted of a walk along the beach.  It was nice because they have a huge park that extends the whole way.  It reminded me of Chicago’s lake shore path, but with a different view into the water.  Yes, those are tons of ships.
  • Then we finally decided to gorge ourselves and eat like kings.  The seafood out on the East Coast Lagoon Food Village was epic.  If you get there early enough you can even get a good seat.  Tom was in charge of food, and I kept the beers refilled.  So tasty.
  • Laksa from Roxy Laksa
  • BBQ Fish
  • The leftover shells from our king prawns
  • Chili clams and squid
  • Chili crab
  • Chili crab and fried rolls (for sopping up the delicious sauce)

Needless to say, we rolled out of there and felt incredibly full.

I’m back in Chicago now, getting ready for the wedding in HI and then honeymoon in New Zealand.  Should have more to post about those and my ongoing trips to Singapore!


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