Street Lamp

This is just a light that sits on the median of a train overpass.  I think I walk by 4 or 5 of these daily on my way to and from work, and they’ve always had a nice appeal to them.  However, it wasn’t until I got the macro lens that I realized how to capture them.  With a normal 50mm lens I wasn’t able to get in close enough and so the exposure was always wrong.

Oh yeah, I’ve finally finished moving the site to the new host.  Hopefully there won’t be as much network strangeness as when I hosted it at home, but we’ll see.  I’m tempted to setup a few monitoring tools against it via my ISA server, but maybe that will happen next time.  But man, doing most things on the site is incredibly faster.

In other news, now that I have this running under Apache, I’m going to start playing with the .htaccess file.  What I’m hoping to accomplish is to get rid of all the extraneous crap on the URLs to this site.  Therefore, if you are reading this through RSS, the feed may go down.  Just come visit the site and grab the new URL of it.  It will probably end up being https://www.aaronspruit.com/rss/ though, instead of https://www.aaronspruit.com/index.php?/aaronspruit/rss/.  This should also help with search sites too, since they tend to have a hard time with the URL Query Strings.

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