Adam, Yow-Yow and I have been wanting to get out on the bay to try some stand-up paddle boarding for quite awhile now.  Ever since Yow-Yow and I did it in Hawaii during our trip, we’ve been wanting to get out on the water again.  However, each weekend we’ve had time the weather hasn’t cooperated.  What has been even more annoying is that the bay has been very calm during the weekday mornings and evenings.  And then yesterday morning happened.

I woke up stupid early, as the weather had been calling for a pretty nice day.  Not too warm (18C), but not a lot of wind.  To my surprise, when I looked out our window, I found balloons floating over the CBD in the early morning sun.  It was at that point I knew we had to get out on the bay.

We headed down to The Zu Boardsports to try out a few before making any purchases.  However, we arrived a bit early and they weren’t open yet.  We hung around and helped them open, and then took off on three boards, each of different sizes, to get a feel.  Adam had a 10’10” as it was his first time, Yow-Yow had a 10′, and I had a 9’8″.  During our hour paddling around and getting used to it I think we each tried all the boards.

We had so much fun, and honestly, we knew we would, that we then proceeded to each purchase our own gear.  This will make is a lot easier as the bay seems to be the most calm before and after the shop is closed.  With that, I give you the line-up.

They are things of beauty.  At some point I want to get a better picture of it and make it a main-page image.  However, for right now, this is what you get.

For all those that haven’t tried SUP yet, I highly recommend you get out there and try.  It’s amazing how relaxing it can be, and when the water is clear you can see practically everything.

I can’t wait to take mine out again!

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