Winter Water Activities

On Friday, as I was heading in to the office, I made a mental comment that it would have been a great morning to go out paddle boarding: the sun was just coming up and there was absolutely no breeze.  Looking at my phone, I checked the weather for the weekend and told myself that if it is like this any morning, I needed to get the paddle board out and take it for a spin.

Saturday morning, I woke up nice and early.  Another gorgeous day, at least while looking outside from bed.  No clouds, no wind, I will definitely get out there!  And then I went outside and realized it was cold!  Somewhere around 2-3ºC.

So, instead of going out on the board, Kobe and I went for a walk on the beach (he needed a bath anyways).  And of course, as soon as I got out there, I was kicking myself, since I should’ve gotten out on the water.  We went for a long walk, and even saw a guy SUP’ing.  I once again told myself that if it was like that on Sunday, I was definitely getting out.

Sunday morning I wake up early again, and again it is gorgeous, but I see the frost on the glass and know that it is cold.  However, I tell myself that I need to do it, because I’ll kick myself if I don’t.  So, I put on my wet suit (just in case), a hoodie, and a hat and go get my board at Adam’s.

Once I get on the water, I am incredibly glad that I had actually done it.  Yeah, the water on my feet was chilly, but the wet suit and hat kept me incredibly warm.  Plus, the water was just as smooth as it had been the previous day.  I could see probably 10-15ft down with no problems.  And, wow, is there a ton of wildlife down there.

In certain areas, like the lagoon, there were tons of starfish (I mean sea stars) and other activity.  The sea stars were incredibly easy to spot too because they were so much lighter than their surroundings.

Overall, I think I was out there for 1.5 hours.  And for those reading from the states, this was the same as me getting out on a body of water (Lake Michigan) in the middle of January.  It is times like that which make me think how awesome it is to be spending a little bit of time here, right next to the ocean.

P.S. Wet suit + hoodie = sexy time!

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