Wineglass Bay

Another Tasmania picture.  This time it is of Wineglass Bay.  Sadly, it was an overcast day, and so there weren’t many great colors captured.  However, the beach there is absolutely beautiful.  We had lunch on some rocks and watched the dolphins in the bay.

This was comprised of 5 different pictures, and combined in Huggin.  I’m definitely liking Huggin for panoramas, just make sure you install the x64 version for an x64 machine.  Otherwise, the batch processor may not load.



D800 Pre-Order

I’ve held out for a long time to buy a new camera body. I thought I really wanted the D700, but then never actually made the purchase. I knew that the D800 was coming soon, which meant I’ve been waiting for that for awhile too.

Well, it finally was announced earlier this year, and I have pre-ordered it on Amazon.  I will be in the states in late April, so hopefully I am not so far down in the list that I won’t have it by then.

Here’s to increasing my images by 6x, having a full-frame sensor, and being able to use something other than ISO 200!

*Update*  Well, for those of you not in the know, I didn’t receive the camera while I was in the States, and so I cancelled the order.  I’m still on the hunt for one, but man, talk about a pain.