Here is a timelapse of roughly every 30 seconds of the super blood wolf moon that happened a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be cloudy, but it turned out to be perfectly clear for the vast majority of it. This is comprised of 354 images and was processed in ImageJ.

landscape, macro

Leaf and Water

As per the usual, it’s been another long drought here.  However, if you haven’t been paying attention to the galleries, there are usually new things that show up there.  Nolan has definitely been keeping us busy (next image will be him!), which means not as much time to focus on things like this.

Amazingly, this wasn’t taken too long ago.  I’ve been snapping a few pics here and there, just need to process them for the website.  Loving the green and water beads on this one.

Been busy with Nolan, so haven’t gotten out much.  I’ve been meaning to put this one up.  Definitely enjoy it a lot, hope you do too.


Rising Moon

OK, it’s been awhile since I’ve last updated, but here we go.  If you’re reading this from the RSS feed, you won’t be viewing the website in all it’s new gloriousness.  I’ve updated quite a few things in order to prep for the new baby.  I’d like to think I’ll be uploading a lot more stuff to the site once he comes, but we’ll see how that works out.

Anyways, here’s a high level list of the new features:

  • eCommerce items
    • SSL checkout
    • Tighter integration with the selling items (less of an add-on, and more part of the theme)
    • Lightbox to see what you can purchase
    • Dashboard to see your purchases
  • General
    • Fullscreen images!
    • Re-exported all images to support fullscreen
    • New iconography
    • All new layout
    • Slight update to galleries in order to make them all consistent

There are still a few things not working correctly, such as fullscreen on IE 10/11.  Hopefully that will be fixed shortly though.  I want to give a big shout-out to the Graph Paper Press team for the new theme and the support they have provided with the minor items I’ve run into!  If you notice anything funky, let me know in the comments.

Each morning I’m out pretty early to walk the dog.  Most days I kick myself for not bringing my camera as we’ve had some very calm (chilly) and beautiful mornings.  Of course, today I woke up early enough on my own accord, but it was cloudy out.

While I didn’t get up as early as I would’ve for the sunrise had it not been cloudy, I did get up early enough to get some of the decent light.  I’ve got a few that I’m pretty happy with including yet another pano I put together.  However, I wanted to throw out a few other ones prior to that one.

In other news, I’ve updated the galleries a bit if you haven’t been there lately.  I was never really a fan of the default stuff from NextGen.  In fact, I’m still not 100% sure I’m a fan of NextGen (really, REALLY, want it to support video).  However, while the galleries look completely different, they are still using NextGen in the background.  However, now I have it fronted with Justified Image Grid to update the look a bit.  In addition, there should be no more pagination!  Just keep on scrolling (looking to implement on other sites).

As always, I’m still tweaking with the ability to purchase images.  If for some reason it isn’t working just drop me a line.

While we were out on Adam’s boat the previous weekend, we anchored outside Brighton Beach to enjoy lunch.  As Wikipedia says, Brighton Beach is know for its 82 colourful bathing boxes, which are the closest to the CBD.

Well, here’s a picture of almost all of them!  I think there were 3 or 4 further to the right that I didn’t notice until we cast off again.

This guy was walking down the old break water at the end of the Yarra River.  I’m guessing the tide was rising, so it’s a good thing he had the pole!

We’re heading back in three weeks to the windy city. I’ve also been going through a lot of various images as I’ve been cleaning up my Lightroom catalog. I had totally forgotten I had taken these 7 pictures to create a panorama.

Actually, I think I tried to create this panorama using photoshop back in the day, but wasn’t ever able to make something worth keeping.  Oh well, I’m glad I still have them!  This is the complement to the long-ago posted Chicago Daytime.

*Update*  As per the usual, you can view the large image.  However, I’ve made a site-wide change to enable this on all images.  Simply click on the image above, and you’ll get the full-sized image in a lightbox pop-up.  However, you can then do what you will with it, provided you follow the copyright on each of them.

As a pre-caution, most of the images are  quite large in nature.  While I have plenty of bandwidth for the site, you have been warned for the client-side costs 🙂


It’s been another long time since the last post, but based on some internal changes here, there will hopefully be more activity.  The biggest change is that I’ve finally moved my NAS, which holds all my images, down next to my desktop PC.  This allows for incredibly improved productivity on the images front, so I hopefully won’t get frustrated as easily and stop.  Needless to say a 1Gbps link is easier to work with than a wildly fluctuating wireless link.

This is an image I’ve been trying to get right for awhile now.  However, hugin just couldn’t get it to generate and actual image.  Turns out, that because there are many dynamic things in the image (i.e. boats), hugin was just getting confused.  By manually specifying the connection points, all is better in the world.

This was taken from the lookout at Arthur’s Seat State Park.  We had been there before, during our previous trip to the Mornington Peninsula, but this was a much nicer day out.



Wineglass Bay

Another Tasmania picture.  This time it is of Wineglass Bay.  Sadly, it was an overcast day, and so there weren’t many great colors captured.  However, the beach there is absolutely beautiful.  We had lunch on some rocks and watched the dolphins in the bay.

This was comprised of 5 different pictures, and combined in Huggin.  I’m definitely liking Huggin for panoramas, just make sure you install the x64 version for an x64 machine.  Otherwise, the batch processor may not load.