Is it the weekend yet?  Yet another warmer weather shot.  At least this one doesn’t remind me of spring nearly as much.

On a side note, what’s up with places not allowing people to take pictures of buildings?  What’s funny is this seems to only be enforced on weekdays.  If you go out on weekends, at least here in the loop in Chicago, nobody cares.  Or is it that nobody cares enough to pay for someone to care?

I know a few people have been having problems with the website.  For some reason specific people were not able to see the current day’s image, but could see previous day ones.  I’m sure they also didn’t see the drop shadow or the navigation links to the right of the image either.  This has all been corrected.  It looks like a specific version of IE didn’t like /images/imagename.jpg, so instead i’ve used the full path of https://www.aaronspruit.com/images/imagename.jpg, and all is better.  Sorry about this.

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