Broken Camera Shoot 2

After repositioning the camera and tripod a few times I finally got this shot, which was the one originally in my mind.  Sadly, I think I like the first one better though, the mistake one.  Funny how that works.  After getting this, I packed up and went back home.  I was so upset that I didn’t take the time to get any shots of the night sky like I wanted to.

I’ve been having these feelings that the quality of stuff on the website is slowly going down.  I think the next round of images I have planned will help somewhat, but it makes me wonder if I’m trying to hard too do the everyday thing.  Should I slow down and try to put images up that I care more about?  I keep looking at the thumbnails and thinking that the original images were definitely some of the best.  However, those were also taken over a 6 month period.

I have this problem, that everything has to be perfect, or as damn close as I can get it to be.  That’s why this is starting to drive me mad (and I imagine why the whole art side never really panned out to begin with).  A part of me feels that if I don’t think I’d frame it and hang it up, why am I putting it on the site?  However, another part of me says that this is how you get better.  Sadly, since I’ve been back from AZ, I haven’t taken my camera out once, except to get it fixed.  I hope the “photography” funk relieves me soon, because I really love doing doing it (and hell, I’ve spent way too much money).

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