Secured Entrance

Today’s the big day!!  I’ll hopefully have pics up of it in a few days.


CLS Lion

Another gorgeous day out.  Spent about 5 hours outside walking around down by the lake.  Brought the camera and a book, but didn’t actually take any pictures.  I wanted to get a pic or two of the set of the next Batman movie, but they took down all the Gotham National Bank signage on the old post office building.


Repaired Bars

Wow, spring is definitely here again.  However, the last time it was warm like this we got snow a few days later.  Hopefully that’s not the case this time!



Is it the weekend yet?  Yet another warmer weather shot.  At least this one doesn’t remind me of spring nearly as much.

On a side note, what’s up with places not allowing people to take pictures of buildings?  What’s funny is this seems to only be enforced on weekdays.  If you go out on weekends, at least here in the loop in Chicago, nobody cares.  Or is it that nobody cares enough to pay for someone to care?

I know a few people have been having problems with the website.  For some reason specific people were not able to see the current day’s image, but could see previous day ones.  I’m sure they also didn’t see the drop shadow or the navigation links to the right of the image either.  This has all been corrected.  It looks like a specific version of IE didn’t like /images/imagename.jpg, so instead i’ve used the full path of https://www.aaronspruit.com/images/imagename.jpg, and all is better.  Sorry about this.


Visitor Parking

And old parking sign for a long forgotten lot.  Actually, the lot was recently used, but apparently the city’s records warehouse doesn’t have the need for it anymore, since it has sat empty for the last 4 months or so.

I’m sorry if you haven’t been able to reach the site lately, or if it’s been unbarably slow.  As I mentioned yesterday, the site has been going up and down a lot because of my host, Dreamhost.  It’s been so bad lately that I’m starting to get ansy and look for new places.  If anyone has a good host that they use, please let me know.


No Trespassing

I think it has a screw (or two) loose.


Train Xing

With all the trains that are around me, it was only a matter of time before I snapped a photo of one.  There’s not quite as much blur as I was hoping for, but of the six or seven images I took while the trian was going by, this one had the most going on.


Closed For Lunch

I wish I could be closed for a specific time everyday for lunch. I’m also not sure if you’re supposed to ring the bell during this time, or if they just wanted to save on signage and so put both messages on one sign.



In the city it’s amazing how they build buildings right next to each other.  I also like how they sometimes have “dualing” smokestacks.


The 232

This one has a bit of Christmas twinge in it, but I still like it a lot.  It reminds me of a magazine spread for some sort of contemporary urban magazine.  The modernness of the stainless steel against the timeliness of the brick, all tied together with a nice sconce.