Dunedin Rail Station

Looking through all these images, I still can’t get over how clear the skies were almost the whole time we were in New Zealand.  It was just incredibly beautiful all the time.

We didn’t even think we were going to head to Dunedin, but when we arrived in Christchurch, there wasn’t much to do as they had just had the large earthquake a few weeks prior.  We also didn’t arrive early enough to get on a bus to Queenstown.  Instead, we asked at the information desk about where else we could go.  He mentioned the next bus was heading to Dunedin, so we signed up!

I love trips like that, where you have a general plan, but if things don’t work out, you just head in another direction and make the most of it.  I think that’s why I love travelling with Yow-Yow so much, she doesn’t get frustrated if things don’t work out exactly as we hoped.  We both can get edgy at times, but most of the time it just rolls of and we move on.

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