Footy Game

It was our first full day in Australia, and the guys here had decided to go to an AFL game.  It is getting into the finals, and so the game we watched didn’t really mean anything other than determining home field advantage.  Both St Kilda and Carlton are in the final 8, so it was a great game to watch.

We were right near one of the goal posts and 27 rows back.  It was a pretty awesome experience.  The pace of the game was just incredible.  These guys are running around a field much larger than an American football field, and they go non-stop.  There are no timeouts, out of bounds, play clock, etc.  They are just full out sprinting and smashing into themselves for 25 minute quarters.

I have no idea if it is as exciting while watching it on TV, but being there and experiencing it first hand for the first time was incredible.

Oh, and it was held at the MCG.  The stadium holds over 100k people, and is one of the 10 largest in the world.  Other cool things about the MCG is that there is a waiting list to get seats.  From what I hear, when a child is born they are put on the waiting list, and then they usually get seats in their 30s or 40s.  Just incredible.

Oh, and the whole thing is located a 20 minute walk from downtown (from where Yow-Yow and I are staying), and it is right across the street from where the Australian Open is played.

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