Marina Bay Sands

Due to SPG having a certain promotion happening right now, a colleague and I are hopping between hotels here in Singapore.  We knew that we we had a special rate at the Marina Bay Sands, but were never able to actually get it.  That is, until yesterday and tomorrow nights.

Having not paid the S$20 to go up to the Sky Park before, I was very excited to be able to actually use the infinity pool.  Needless to say, even though it wasn’t the nicest day out, it didn’t disappoint.

Our rooms had pretty decent views too.  Granted, we were in the cheapest rooms (floor 22 or below), and we looked out over the ocean and construction.  Still not horrible by any stretch.  Nothing like some panorama action via the cell phone.

Once I get home, I should be able to post some real pictures.  The sad part is that my cell phone is bad, and makes me wish for a better camera, as does my Point and Shoot.

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