Today’s image was taken this past week while I was on vacation. With the 4th of July on a Wednesday, I decided to take the whole week off. I didn’t really have anything planned, but I wanted a break. So, the first half of the week, I did things around the new house, like putting up blinds since they came in.

The second half the week though, Erin and I went up to her grandma’s cottage and then went to visit my parents up in Northville, MI. This image is actually Erin and her sister, who just turned 15, up at her grandma’s cottage.

I should be posted more shots too, since I took quite a few. I’m also starting to use Lightroom, and some of it’s website features. We’ll see how that goes. More than likely, I’ll be using it for when I’m at an event, and take a lot of images that people may want. I’m thinking of parties, weddings, vacations, etc. I’m not sure if I’m going to make this browsable by normal users yet or not, but keep your eyes peeled.

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