Yeah, it’s been awhile again 🙂  I think I’ve figured out some of my workflow issues.  It’s amazing how much better Lightroom works when it’s on a wired connection to your source images than a wireless.  It’s actually usable, craziness.

In the process I’ve also started my Lightroom database all over again.  I’ve actually created a bunch of tags and am rating everything.  That’s a lot of work, especially when I’ve got over 6k photos to go through.  It’s definitely one of those things that needs to be done once, and then never again.  However it has been taking me the better part of my free time to do.  In the process of doing this though, I’ve found a lot of awesome pictures that I simply forgot about.  This being one of them.  Contrary to the name, this is actually taken in Chicago on Washington and Michigan Ave.

I hope I can keep up some sort of consistency now.  If not, at least a few times a month instead of nothing for so long.

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