Erin in Leland

Now that I added all my old pictures into lightroom, I’m actually able to post older images.  Sadly, this is one of them.  It’s actually from the same shoot as the original Erin image.  I had never put these on to a CD, instead I put an older compact flash card into my reader, and there they were.  Crazy.

It feels like so long ago. :-/



More fun with lighting.



My new rug.  It’s so plush and, well, awesome.


Within the Closet

More fun with the remote flash.  This time in the closet.


Blurred Candle

It’s amazing how difficult it is to have the camera be out of focus when I’ve been so determined to have it take pictures in focus for so long.


Illuminated Coins

It’s been pretty crappy out this weekend, so I decided to play a little with the flash.  The wireless remote capabilities of it are quite fun as you’ll see from a few of the pictures this week.


Eric Ocasio

It’s been awhile again.  No particular reason, just haven’t really felt like posting.  However, I finally got around to importing all my old images into Adobe Lightroom.  I’m glad I did it, but looking through a lot of the old pictures wasn’t really all that fun right now (and it’s only been a year), and I haven’t even tagged them all yet.

Anyways, doing this will allow me to view my older pictures a lot easier, so if I don’t take pictures I can at least pull from the archives; like today’s.  This was actually taken at Erin’s graduation back in January.