Baby Saguaros

As you can see, from those of you that actually visit the site, the new design is live!  There’s actually one small piece missing.  I think if you visit the about page, you may see what I’m talking about.  Maybe.  And for those of you that don’t visit the site, I’m sure you still noticed that even the RSS feed has changed.  That’s right, no more small images in the feed, but instead full sized ones!  Such a treat!

Feel free to let me know of any problems you come across by posting in the comments.  However, the site is so simple now (it went from around ~15 templates to 6) that I’m pretty sure I found all the bugs.

Anyways, this is a pic of my little baby saguaros I have in my room.  Using the macro lens, you see so much more detail than what you can normally see.  Like I had no idea the needles were red.

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