Red Begonia

The pistil and stamen on begonias always look so funny. Almost as if they’re sea anemones or something along that line.


Green Orb

Still more shots from the fourth.  I haven’t gotten out lately, just haven’t had the desire.  Anyways, this is a glow-in-the-dark orb thing in one of my mom’s planters.



The color contrast and the blue chips in the asphalt roof shingles force me take this image.

I think I’m going to be revaming a few things on the site.  Most notably, now that I’ve started using lightroom, I’m probably going to be sync’ing the keywords/categories.  Also, for certain shoots that I do, that other people may want to have access to, I’ve setup the Events and Places section.  From there, you will be able to view proofs of all the images.  This will work best for people wanting full copies and what not.


Torch Flower

Yet another flower from my Mom’s garden.  You can slightly see another specimen in the lower corner, but I really like how the grass sets this one off.


Dig In

Another bee picture.  I don’t think he could get any further into the flower without actually breaking it.  Go little guy, go.


Morning Pollen

My mom had quite a few flowers in mid bloom while Erin and I were up at their place over the 4th of July.  One in particular was this coneflower, which the bees really enjoyed in the morning.  Talk about a difficult subject matter.  Between the slight breeze and the bee moving the flower, along with just the movement of the bee itself, I’m surprised that any of these turned out.

Next time I’ll definitely use the assistance of my monopod, as doing this hand held, is just no fun.

favorites, macro


I know that I said I had a bunch of images to put up. Well, I still do. I’ve just been incredibly busy. Plus I’ve recently gotten my SB-800 flash, so I’ve been playing with that on the side. I really need to get some rechargeable batteries for that thing now (along with all my other AA battery eating devices).

This week will definitely have more updates, as I’ve already processed many images.


Clematis 2

I think I have a thing for this type of crop with flowers.  No idea why, but I’ve definitely done it before and loved it.  The cactus is actually currently my background, and will probably be one of many that gets hung on a wall at my new place.

I think I like the composition of this one better though, just because of the way the flower is leading into the empty space.  Or maybe it’s just the more comfortable left to right orientation?


Clematis 1

I’m not sure how much I really like this shot.  I love the lighting, but the angle leaves something to be desired.  However, I really like tomorrows, which is somewhat similar, but the angle and colors are completely different.  So, actually, it’s not that similar other than they are both of a Clematis.


Crab Apple Blossom

Another older image, that I’ve cleaned up a bit.  I like the white space in this one.  I really want to setup my own box light at the new place and just play with flowers.  I know that would probably make this more boring, but I still may do it.  Get some orchids or other flowers each week and photograph them along with having them in the condo. Oh, and the lilac has started blooming here in Chicago.  Oh man does it smell good.