Speight’s Beer

Yum, beer!  I wish I could get a reliable supply of Speight’s here in the states.  Every type they had was quite delicious, but the Old Dark was probably my favorite.  I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it!



Yes, I know, it has been awhile.  I actually am sort of in the process of changing this all around, but in the mean time, I wanted to put my new dual monitor setup to good use.  Talk about easier when you have 2 identical monitors, calibrated, and can move stuff between then in lightroom and photoshop.  Ahhh.  Anyways, now that a 2.5 year project is finally under wraps, I may have enough time to actually play with this stuff some more.  In other news, I got engaged over Thanksgiving of ‘09, and we are working on planning the wedding.  We are looking forward to that, and will hopefully have a large number of pictures to pull from there.

This image was actually from the Barbados trip we took in June of ‘08.  I haven’t been able to actually get out much to photograph anything new, so I will be digging a through a lot of archives.  I have a ton of excellent pictures that I just never got around to publishing.

Man, this feels good.

Not to be confused with the other Torch Flower, this was the one from Barbados.  It’s amazing how waxy and thick the petals of this flower was.  They were all over the place at the Flower Forest.


Beetle in Hibiscus

More images from Barbados.  This one was from the flower forest.  Definitely an interesting spot, but we were not there during the busy season.  As Yow-Yow put it, the beetle was de-flowering the hibiscus.  The snails seemed to like to do that too 🙂



Yeah, it’s been awhile again 🙂  I think I’ve figured out some of my workflow issues.  It’s amazing how much better Lightroom works when it’s on a wired connection to your source images than a wireless.  It’s actually usable, craziness.

In the process I’ve also started my Lightroom database all over again.  I’ve actually created a bunch of tags and am rating everything.  That’s a lot of work, especially when I’ve got over 6k photos to go through.  It’s definitely one of those things that needs to be done once, and then never again.  However it has been taking me the better part of my free time to do.  In the process of doing this though, I’ve found a lot of awesome pictures that I simply forgot about.  This being one of them.  Contrary to the name, this is actually taken in Chicago on Washington and Michigan Ave.

I hope I can keep up some sort of consistency now.  If not, at least a few times a month instead of nothing for so long.

favorites, macro

Morning Dew

More fun from the trip.  I stayed out two nights ago a little late, and that’s why there was no update.  Oops.  This one has be done with a new technique I’m trying with curves.  I really like how it turned out.  You can hit up the bulk section under waterton to see the original.  Quite a bit different.



I have quite a few good pictures from labor day weekend up in Leland.  I just need to start going through them.  Hopefully I’ll have time later tonight to go through more of them, so there are images each day I’m away on vacation taking even more pictures up in Banff and Glacier National Park.  I can’t wait to get some of those back, should be gorgeous.  For sure I’ll have a picture posted on the 10th though.  Just need to find which one really shows what I want to say.


Window Box

More flowers from my mom.  I really like the orange and purple combination here.  Plus there’s a hint of purple in the orange flower too.


Purple Fuzz

More flowers, yay!  This is another one where the wind was wreaking havoc on my ability to get something in focus.  However, I sort of like the “fuzz” about this one.



Have I mentioned how much I love my macro lens?  It’s not obvious is it?  I really need to bring my monopod though when I use it, especially for these closeups.  The slightest breeze really makes it difficult.