still life

Nikon F

This is some basic studio work that I did.  Nothing overly complex, just a single diffused light.  I was going to use something along the lines of these images as a theme to wrap this website around.  Unfortunately, that would’ve taken too much effort, and what I have now just sort of flowed out of me.

This was my Dad’s camera, but he gave it to me.  It’s actually in good shape, as I’ve cleaned it up and made sure all the mechanics work correctly.  At some point I may actually go through the intro to photography class again as a film student, mostly to get into the darkroom experience.  However, I can’t get over how long it takes to just take a simple image with this thing.  Between the manual focus, aligning the exposure meter (which is still in working condition even after not replacing the battery), having to manually set the f-stops and shutter speeds.  And yet, everything about it is so fastinating.  It’s quite primitive to what I currently shoot with.  It’s amazing how much has changed in 30 years.

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