Ah, beautiful MI in the winter; overcast.  Heck, later in the day it even flurried.  How I miss living in West Michigan.  Amazingly for the time of year it was when I took this, there was no ice in Lake Michigan.  That is not the normal.  Many times I’ve gone to the lake, you wouldn’t even be able to see that lighthouse because of the ice flows that pile up along the beach.

As I mentioned yesterday, I broke my camera.  Thankfully, it still mostly works, but the top LCD, the one that gives me all the settings information, is toast.  I was attempting to get my tripod to basically be on the ground for some night shots, and so I had to take out the center column.  Well, to do that, you have to unscrew a piece which is connected to where the tripod head is connected.  Not realizing which end actually came off, I unscrewed it and then my tripod head was on the ground.  However, on the way down it must have hit the top of my camera.

At the time I didn’t realize it, until I wanted to adjust the aperture.  Needless to say, I couldn’t see anything on the display.  That day wasn’t going well already, and this was definitely the cherry on the top.  At least I got a few decent pictures that night, but gave up in frustration for a few shots I wanted to take.

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