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Port Phillip Bay

It’s been another long time since the last post, but based on some internal changes here, there will hopefully be more activity.  The biggest change is that I’ve finally moved my NAS, which holds all my images, down next to my desktop PC.  This allows for incredibly improved productivity on the images front, so I hopefully won’t get frustrated as easily and stop.  Needless to say a 1Gbps link is easier to work with than a wildly fluctuating wireless link.

This is an image I’ve been trying to get right for awhile now.  However, hugin just couldn’t get it to generate and actual image.  Turns out, that because there are many dynamic things in the image (i.e. boats), hugin was just getting confused.  By manually specifying the connection points, all is better in the world.

This was taken from the lookout at Arthur’s Seat State Park.  We had been there before, during our previous trip to the Mornington Peninsula, but this was a much nicer day out.


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