It took me awhile to find houses like this down in St. Petersburg. I knew they had to be around, but there weren’t any near the downtown area. It wasn’t until I walked about 5 miles north of my hotel did I find these, and wow are some of these places gorgeous. I never actually went across the inter-coastal here to go and look at these specific houses, but I’d imagine they were just like the ones on the side I was on (only there was a road right next to the water on my side).

In other news, I received my flickr moo cards yesterday. I was impressed that it only took 5 total days for me to get them, since they shipped from the UK.  I guess they are a little bit smaller than I was expecting, but still very cool. It will be nice to have cards to give out to people, especially when I’m walking around taking random pictures, and their small size does make it ideal for slipping in my camera bag. Plus, I’ll probably make some into magnets with some self-adhesive magnetic tape. They would be perfect sized for that. I’ll probably purchase another box or two also. The only downside to them that I see right away is they are a little dark. The next box I get I will definitely remember to brighten them up a little before putting them on flickr.

I also need to do some self-portraits to get up on my site and use as a flickr icon too. So much to do!

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