No Trespassing

I think it has a screw (or two) loose.



It’s hard to tell which direction this train is going, but it’s actually heading towards the city (going backwards).  This is actually the same train as the image taken posted two days ago.  I like how the camera was able to catch the heat waves coming from the exhaust of the train too, as it distorts the buildings behind it.



These tires were just sitting in the parking lot next to each other.  I’m not sure how they got there or what they were doing.  Maybe someone changed theirs out, or just decided that looked like a good place to dump a pair of tires?


Train Xing

With all the trains that are around me, it was only a matter of time before I snapped a photo of one.  There’s not quite as much blur as I was hoping for, but of the six or seven images I took while the trian was going by, this one had the most going on.


Closed For Lunch

I wish I could be closed for a specific time everyday for lunch. I’m also not sure if you’re supposed to ring the bell during this time, or if they just wanted to save on signage and so put both messages on one sign.


Large Screen

Patterns in the city seem to fascinate me.  They are all over, even in abandoned parking garages.


Caged Birds

These birds had a false sense of security sitting behind the fence.  I couldn’t believe how close they would let me get.



In the city it’s amazing how they build buildings right next to each other.  I also like how they sometimes have “dualing” smokestacks.


Erins Graduation 9

This is the final picture I’ll be putting up around Erin’s Graduation.  Well, actually, in this series.  There are still quite a few good pictures that I took, and I could see myself revisiting them if I need to raid the archives.  However, tomorrow, we’ll be returning to macro industrial shots.  Exciting, I know.


Erins Graduation 8

I’m on vacation, hopefully taking some good pictures of the desert.

Happy Birthday Jason!