Condo Strip

This picture makes me think of the old hollywood strip for some reason, but it’s actually the road that runs along the bay in St Petersburg.  I’m really sapping these older pictures aren’t I?

Oh yeah, sorry about just getting this image up now.  I went down to Petterino’s last night and was only expecting to have a beer or two, but isn’t that the way it always works?  Oh well, at least it’s up now.


Fire Alarm 3

And then the third and final in the series.  I actually like this one the best.  I like the colors and the speckled nature of this alarm.  Also, the slight fade to darkness (actual shot, not done in post processing), and the way the alarm is similar colors to the wall, but how different the textures are.


Fire Alarm 2

This is the second in this series as I mentioned yesterday.  Not really much else to talk about.


Fire Alarm 1

These next three images were all taken the other week right around my place.  The first two are just different angles of the same fire alarm, and the third one is different.  I’m still mastering the macro lens, but simple jaunts like these really help.



Aww, isn’t he cute? The squirrels down in St Petersburg were about as “friendly” as the ones I’m used to at the University of Illinois. I’m sure if you were sitting someplace with some food, they’d be more than happy to help themselves. This little guy came to see me after I made it look like I was going to give him food.

In other news, I’m going to be moving my sites to a hosted provider here in the next week. For $23 and some change for a full year, I couldn’t go wrong. Plus I have over 3 months to figure out if I even like it or not, since they have a money back guarantee. Hopefully it will work better than hosting it on my home internet plan, since that seems to become overwhelmed at certain times of the day.


Gingerbread Cookies

These are some of the cookies I made to bring home. I actually only made the dough in Chicago and then finished them off up here. It actually worked out better that way as I was already up to around midnight making the other cookies and snacks. I made these gingerbread cookies, chewy-molasses cookies, white chocolatee with fruit and nuts, and sugar-spice almonds. I have made the chewy-molasses cookies before and they are quite good. I haven’t broken into the white chocolate cluster things yet, but I can’t image they are bad. However the almonds, are awesome. I will definitely be making some of those just to bring into work. And they take all of 20 minutes to make. That’s my kind of recipe!

Oh, and it’s sort of hard to tell, but dinosaur cookies are my new Thanksgiving tradition!

So did everyone do some shopping yesterday? Get any good deals?

still life


Yum, pumpkin pies.  What is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?  Anyways, these are the two that my Mom made and were cooling.  Needless to say, they, just like all the other food we had, were delicious.  I hope every ones Turkey Day was a good one!


Holly Palm

Yeah, so I was supposed to have put something up here that was more festive than this, but I completely forgot about it yesterday.  This fits the bill to a certain extent, but I was hoping for more Thanksgiving-esque as opposed to Christmas.  Oh well.  I should get some post-processing done today while I sit around watching football after I stuff myself silly.  Then tomorrow will hopefully have some sort of Turkey day theme.  Hopefully.


Palm Tree

Yeah, yeah, yeah, another palm tree.  I guess living in the midwest makes me want to look at them more than normal.  I can’t imagine why, maybe it has to do with not being able to feel my fingers after walking around with my camera for an hour outside today?



It took me awhile to find houses like this down in St. Petersburg. I knew they had to be around, but there weren’t any near the downtown area. It wasn’t until I walked about 5 miles north of my hotel did I find these, and wow are some of these places gorgeous. I never actually went across the inter-coastal here to go and look at these specific houses, but I’d imagine they were just like the ones on the side I was on (only there was a road right next to the water on my side).

In other news, I received my flickr moo cards yesterday. I was impressed that it only took 5 total days for me to get them, since they shipped from the UK.  I guess they are a little bit smaller than I was expecting, but still very cool. It will be nice to have cards to give out to people, especially when I’m walking around taking random pictures, and their small size does make it ideal for slipping in my camera bag. Plus, I’ll probably make some into magnets with some self-adhesive magnetic tape. They would be perfect sized for that. I’ll probably purchase another box or two also. The only downside to them that I see right away is they are a little dark. The next box I get I will definitely remember to brighten them up a little before putting them on flickr.

I also need to do some self-portraits to get up on my site and use as a flickr icon too. So much to do!